Vrtojba, Sarajevo , 25.5.2023

The competition POPRI EUSAIR YOUTH took place on 24 and 25 May in Sarajevo. Students from all countries of the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region competed for the third year in a row to win with their innovative ideas in the form of business models. They were judged by a prestigious international entrepreneurship jury. The event took place within the framework of the EUSAIR Forum, the largest event for high-level representatives of the Adriatic-Ionian countries, which this year is led by Bosnia and Herzegovina. The organiser of the EUSAIR POPRI youth competition is Primorska Technology Park (PTP) in cooperation with Inovacioni Centar Banja Luka (ICBL) .


Popri is a competition that has been promoting entrepreneurship among young people since 2004. The initiative was launched in Nova Gorica, expanded to the whole of Slovenia and internationalised in 2021. It is a model for the development of knowledge and the active participation of young people in shaping their own future. To this end, Primorska Technology Park has joined forces with partners from the Adriatic-Ionian region who want to support and encourage young people in the long term. The partners are Auleda Vlore from Albania, Inovacioni Centar Banja Luka from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zagreb Innovation Centre ZICER from Croatia, Studentski Biznis Centar Univerziteta Donja Gorica from Montenegro, Centre for Knowledge Management from Northern Macedonia, Business Incubator Novi Sad from Serbia, Step C Science and Technology Park of Crete from Greece and San Marino Innovation from San Marino. In Sarajevo, the POPRI International EUSAIR Youth Competition brought together the best teams of young people, selected from a large number of teams from each of the participating countries, to present their entrepreneurial ideas. This year, around 300 teams took part.

POPRI International EUSAIR youth is a process of learning about entrepreneurship and business initiative that takes place over several months before the actual competition. During this time, teams develop their business idea into a business model in written form and present it orally in an entrepreneurial pitch at the competition, which takes place in front of a panel of experts. The jury was composed of prominent female entrepreneurs and international experts from Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, including Ana Vlahov, Urša Žorž Požrl, Maja Lukić Grabovac, Melisa Hujić, Adela Ramić, Aida Kosović.


The youth project EUSAIR POPRI is made possible by the European Commission, the EUSAIR Presidency, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development of the Republic of Slovenia, the Facility Point project. The event is sponsored by the European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica - Gorizia and SID Bank.



Kaja Gavrilović, Jana Simić, Rastko Petrović, Tatjana Zivadinović

Mentors: Ana Ivic Veljković


Tamara Živanović, Duška Rakin, Sara Živanović, Milica Milutinović, Aleksa Simić

Mentors: Marica Rakin, Maja Bulatović


2nd PLACE - STUDENTS: HIT HOT App, Slovenia

Taj Ražem, Sajra Makić, An Semolič

Lucija Filipčič Križaj, Patricija Kastelic Volf


Rabbit Sausages and Roasts, Slovenia

Tilen Volkar, Gašper Pršina, Nejc Hudoklin, Jernej Gačnik

Mentors: Andreja Gril Novak, Ana Marjanović, Simon Jeraj


MILAIO, Albania

Anamari Sulcaj, Kamila Abazi, Joana Dhiamandi

Andi Andoni, Nikolla Pulla


Citrus peel flour, North Macedonia

Monika Spasovska, Rabije Mahmudi

Mentor: Andrijana Bogdanovska



The first place teams will participate in the POPRI Startup Challenge in Nova Gorica, Slovenia in October 2023.

The prize is made possible by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

PRIZE FOR THE SECOND-PLACED TEAMS - GO! 2025 Prize without Borders

The second-placed teams will visit the European Capital of Culture 2025, Nova Gorica - Gorizia, in autumn 2023.

The prize is made possible by. Nova Gorica Gorizia European Capital of Culture

PRIZE FOR THIRD PLACED TEAMS – Individual market test

Third place teams will receive an individual market and product potential testing programme with a successful startup entrepreneur

The prize is made possible by Primorska technology park


In addition to the competition, three other events took place, including a roundtable organised by RTV Slovenia and the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Sarajevo. In addition, all event participants had the opportunity to interact with successful entrepreneurs and a gala was organised to announce the results and award the prize. The events were moderated and hosted by Jamila Milović-Halilović. Guests Erna Šošević, an entrepreneur, and Dragan Vlačić, a manager and expert in software and IT, shared their experiences with the young people.

Jamila Milovic Halilovic - official presenter of the final of POPRI International EUSAIR Youth

We are thrilled to announce that the talented and accomplished Jamila Milovic Halilovic has been selected as the official presenter for the final of the Popri International EUSAIR Youth Competition in Sarajevo!

Save the date: [24-25 May, 2023]
Location: [Hotel Europe, Sarajevo]

About Jamila Milovic Halilovic

Jamila Milovic Halilovic is an exceptional personality with an incredible knack for engaging audiences and creating meaningful conversations. With her charismatic presence and insightful perspectives, she is the perfect choice to guide us through this great event.

Hamila has over 20 years of experience in media, strategic communications and public relations. A unique combination of working directly in the media, private sector, international organisations and corporate environments. She has designed, conceived and implemented dozens of communications strategies, plans and projects. She has branded and created various communications products and content.

Jamila has participated as a facilitator in numerous regional and international conferences, as well as a lecturer and workshop leader. She believes in the power of communication and is always looking for new ways to convey the most concrete, concise and constructive messages.

About the Final

The Popri International EUSAIR Youth Competition is a platform for young talent from across Europe to showcase their skills, creativity and innovation. Ahead of the exciting finals, Jamila will play an important role in ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for participants and spectators alike.
Stay tuned and mark your calendars for days filled with talent, inspiration and unforgettable memories. Spread the word and let us celebrate the power of youth and their limitless potential together!

POPRI 2023: Twenty years of developing new generations of entrepreneurs

On Tuesday, 4.4.2023, 36 teams, or 113 out of a record 474 competitors, competed in the final of the national competition for young entrepreneurship ideas POPRI, organised by the Primorski Technological Park, in Nova Gorica. The entrepreneurship jury decided who had best developed their idea into a business model and presented it. Teams competed to win in the categories of primary, secondary and youth up to 29 years of age, which bring cash prizes and the chance to participate in international competitions and professional excursions abroad. This year marks the 20th edition of the competition, which has been organised with a rich programme.


POPRI's twentieth season was a record-breaking one, with forty percent more young people entering the competition than the year before. One hundred and sixty-eight teams (474 contestants) from all over Slovenia prepared business models for their ideas with the support of 116 mentors in 80 educational institutions. The best 116 made it through the regional preliminary rounds, which took place at the regional partners: the Ljubljana Technology Park for Central Slovenia, the Zasavska region and Gorenjska, the SAŠA Incubator for Koroška, Savinjska, Podravka and Pomurje, the Novo mesto Development Centre for South-Eastern Slovenia and Posavje, and the Primorska Technology Park for the Goriška, Primorska - Innerjska and Obalno-Kraško regions and the region abroad. The Director of the Primorska Technology Park, mag. Tanja Kožuh, Director of the Primorje Primorje Region, on the occasion of the 20th edition of the POPRI competition, said:

"POPRI developed in 2003 from a European project in which we set ourselves the goal of giving young people their first contact with entrepreneurship. POPRE was the first time we held it in Nova Gorica and the surrounding area. After the end of the project, we realised that something really big could come out of it. We started to connect educational institutions and business, involving the support environment, mentors, local and national authorities. Many people did not believe we would succeed, but with a dedicated team, anything is possible".


Popri connects educational institutions with business. The competitors' written business models were judged by 87 entrepreneurs. The final act was a pitch in front of the national jury, which consisted of

Teja Bajt, founder and director of INNOLAB   

Mic Melanšek, co-founder and marketing director of Hooray Studios

Lovro Peterlin, Managing Director A1 Slovenija d.d.  

Nejc Škoberne, Co-founder and Director of

Matej Peršolja, Co-founder and CEO of Protectus Technologies, Inc.

Elvis Janežič, Director of Instrumentation technologies

Lucia Lučka Klanšek - Founder and Director of LLK

Nika Kristina Butina - Co-founder and Director of EPIDEMIC

Manca Šalehar - Marketing Manager, Wolt

Blaž Zupan - Assistant Professor at the Department of Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, entrepreneurial coach and serial entrepreneur


Financial awards

The jury selected the top three teams in each category. The third-placed teams received EUR 700 gross each, the second-placed teams EUR 1300 gross each and the winners EUR 2000 gross each from the prize fund provided by the co-organisers of the competition: the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport, SPIRIT Slovenia, the Public Agency and the Slovenian Enterprise Fund. All teams that made it to the finals already in the preliminary rounds received EUR 500 gross each to improve their business idea and additional mentoring support.

Minister of Economy, Tourism and Sport Matjaž Han said of the support for POPRI:"It is the duty of the state and of us politicians to enable young people to realise their potential. That is why, as co-organiser of the POPRI competition, we at our Ministry are actively and strategically promoting entrepreneurship among young people. In this way, we want to give them the opportunity to develop their own ideas, experience entrepreneurship and learn from their mentors in business. Their spicy ideas and business models are proof that nothing is impossible - you just have to look outside the box. And that's what young people do best! "

Non-financial awards

POPRI is also opening doors to the world, with the first-placed students participating in the POPRI International EUSAIR Youth competition in Sarajevo on 23 and 24 May 2023, and the top three student teams also competing in the Genius Olympiad in New York State, USA. In addition to a cash prize, the top three teams among the primary school students will also go on a professional excursion to the Technical Museum in Vienna, made possible by the Intellectual Property Office.

Special Award

This year, Primorska Technology Park has also awarded a special prize, made possible by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The high school student team and the university student team with the most convincing presentations will take part in an expert excursion to Norway.


In addition to the competition part, the Finals also offer a wide range of entrepreneurial content and experiences. In the afternoon, the competitors and their mentors took part in a panel discussion entitled: From POPRI to a successful business. How a (young) entrepreneur should protect his knowledge, innovative solutions and name. Their experiences were shared by Andrej Pelko and Valentina Bojanec (startup HEIJUS; second place in POPRI in 2019, today entrepreneurs participating in Start Slovenia), Tjaša Jazbec, co-founder of the startup Scherz Chilli, incubated in Primorska Technological Park and POPRI mentor, Boštjan Jerončič, CEO of Incom Leone and mag. Karin Žvokelj, Director of the Intellectual Property Office - co-organiser of POPRI, which also facilitated the roundtable.

The finalists also got their first experience of entrepreneurial networking. The event was financially supported by the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad and Slovenians Abroad, co-organiser of the event for the first time this year. Minister Matej Arčon said. "I am happy and proud to have followed and supported the POPRI story since its beginnings, this year for the first time as a Minister of the Slovenian Government. Events such as this one also offer the opportunity to network, to make friends, nationally and internationally," and called on everyone to continue to network and to proudly preserve the Slovene identity in our hearts.

The young people were accompanied by entrepreneurs, members of the Commission, and representatives of the support environment from Slovenia and abroad - with an original performance by stand-up comedian Gašper Bergant. The event ended with a cake to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the POPRI competition.

On this occasion, the Primorski Technologski Park also prepared a photographic exhibition on the 20 years of the competition, which is on display under the arcades of the Municipality of Nova Gorica.

The gala event with the award ceremony took place at the SNG Nova Gorica. The audience was addressed by Matej Arčon, Minister of Slovenes Abroad and Internationally, Matevž Frangež, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport, and Samo Turel, Mayor of the Municipality of Nova Gorica, who also presented the prizes. The audience was delighted by the greetings from the world of celebrities, prepared especially for the POPRI contestants by Tilen Artač.



 teamEducational InstitutionMembers of the teammentor
first placeOn StageInstitute and Academy for Multimedia, Higher School of MultimediaLovro Rakar, Nejc Jezeršek, Mihael GolobEnej Gradišek

With the cutting-edge OnStage product, you will have the ultimate experience as a musician while playing, because it gives you a better live performance! The product consists of 3 key components; clip-on microphone, digital interface, mobile/computer app. The clip-on microphone picks up the signal from the acoustic instrument, the sound then travels to the digital interface where it is processed with extremely low latency.

second placeVolkar sausages and roastsGrm Novo mesto - Centre of Biotechnics and Tourism, Vocational SchoolTilen Volkar, Gašper Pršina, Jernej Gačnik, Nejc HudoklinAndreja Gril Novak, Ana Marjanović

Our idea is based on sausages and roasts. They are made from quality rabbit meat, exclusively of Slovenian origin. They are aimed at people on a diet, people who like healthy local food and are willing to pay a little more money for it, sportsmen and rabbit meat lovers. Meat products will be delivered to your home/agreed location and will also be sold at the market.

third placeHOBBY BOBY starting-light/Tadej Enci/

The HOBBY BOBY starting light is first and foremost a technical aid, which is an indispensable aid for every deaf and hard of hearing athlete in athletics competitions. The device converts the sound signals of the starter's commands into a light signal with the help of a built-in microphone, thus helping athletes with hearing impairment to a more equal start.


 teamEducational institutionmembers of the teammentor
first placeHIT - HOTSrečko Kosovel Sežana School Centre, Gymnasium and School of EconomicsTaj Ražem, Sajra Makić, An SemoličLucija Filipčič KrižajPatricija Kastelic Volf

Hit Hot is an app for ordering food. The advantage is that the pick-up is very fast and there are fewer queues, as the order is in advance and cashless. Users are mainly students, pupils and employees who have limited snack time. The app is free for the user and can be installed on any mobile device where the desired meal would be ordered. The app would be installed by the caterers and their customers would order their food via the app and come to the caterer's headquarters at the agreed time to pick up their food.

second placeBacTerraVelenje High School Centre, GymnasiumKatja MogilnickiJan Skok, Petra Mastnak

BacTerra is an organic fertiliser that works with the help of bacteria. The bacteria produce substances that help the plant grow and resist. They convert nitrogen from the air into an ion that the plant can use, and they also contribute to the amount of phosphorus and potassium in the soil. The living bacteria produce fertiliser continuously and therefore the effect of the fertiliser is more long-lasting than conventional fertilisers (up to 6 months). By using such a fertiliser, we can increase our yields by 20% to 30% and at the same time help to improve the health of the plant.

third placeInspired DisinfectantsAgricultural school Grm in biotechnical gymnasium Novo MestoKaja Dragan, Lea Lisec, Pia Rak, Kristina SinurMitja Turk, Anja Jakše

Inspired Disinfectants is a range of pleasant-smelling, hand-friendly disinfectants that don't dry out the skin. Users can sanitise their hands at any time and at the same time scent themselves with the delicate scent of lavender, Christmas or herbal sanitiser in two convenient packs. The smaller dose (50 ml) is for personal use for those who want to feel cleaner and safer in their daily lives, while enjoying the pleasant smell and feel that hand sanitisers leave on the skin after use. The larger dose (0.5 l) is intended for restaurants, spas, private medical practices that want to give their employees and customers the feeling of a safe and clean environment and to make them feel better and brighten up their daily life with the fragrant scents of our disinfectants.


 teamEducational InstitutionMembers of the teammentors
first placePaličnjakMilojka Štrukelj Nova Gorica Elementary SchoolTian Kobal, Tinkara Kozjan, Nika MamičPetra Brankovič, Matjaž Kljajić

Paličnjak is a plant support stick - it is an extendable bamboo stick for supporting plants, which can be extended very easily and quickly when the plant outgrows it. This saves time, effort and money, as we don't have to go to the countryside or to the shop to buy a new stick. So even people who would like to have ornamental plants can afford them. but don't have enough time for them.

second placeSmart-binOrmož Elementary SchoolTim Šoštarič, Jaka Vaupotič,  Lan ŽalarMaja Korban Črnjavič

Smart Bin reduces the volume of plastic packaging waste by using a push platform. This would make it as easy and practical as possible for our users to manage the packaging waste that accumulates in their households. The Smart Bin idea was created to enable households and other potential consumers to manage plastic and other packaging more economically. From an ecological point of view, the accumulation of packaging waste, especially plastic packaging, is a growing problem, and we are very aware of it.

Third placeGO2GETHER Grm Novo mesto Elementary SchoolDavid Nograšek, Manja Nograšek, Eva Podkrižnik, Urban Bukovec, Patrik TaljatJana Pečaver

GO2GETHER is an app that allows you to pool your children's transport to different extra-curricular activities in and around your city. It is designed for parents and families who can use their time more efficiently, at least halve the cost of transport, and act in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way by reducing their carbon footprint. GO2GETHER makes it easy to connect and coordinate several parents for transport to after-school activities, on a "today I drive" basis (e.g. four children transported by one parent).

Popri Winners at the Interreg annual Event 2022

Do not miss today's Interreg Annual Event at the European commision with young people sharing their perspective on the future of EU. We are happy to announce that the Popri International Eusair Youth winners from Serbia will be participating. Give it up for Eco Hive with Miodrag Milanovic as a speaker (high school category) and @pannonian crew: Lara for the students category with @vladimir krsmanović as a speaker. Follow as at 10.50 and 12.20 am!

Winners of the POPRI Eusair youth competition

After hearing all the business models pitches, the jury members have selected the winning teams in both categories that we proudly announce and congratulate:

𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡 𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐥 𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬

🥇1st place: Ecological anti varroa hive, Serbia Business Incubator Novi Sad

🥈2nd place: PASSIONIS, Slovenia Primorski tehnološki park

🥉3rd place: SMOKELOCK, Italy Friuli Innovazione

𝐔𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬

🥇1st place: LARA, Serbia

🥈2nd place: Soundtrack treasury Mesecina, Slovenia

🥉3rd place: CON2NVERT, Italy

EUSAIR POPRI competition is a stepping stone and each experience helps all the teams to learn. We congratulate all of them for developing their ideas into business models and for their amazing presentations in front of the jury members and public! Their job was not easy but they all did a great job and we wish them good luck in their future endeavours, we are certain they will achieve everything they work towards! Congratulations to all the teams and mentors!‼️👏👏👏 see you next year in Bosnia and Herzegovina! Knowledge CenterTechpark VaraždinInovacioni Centar Banja LukaStudent Business CenterAuleda, Local Economic Development Agency, VloreEuropean Commission

Our activities are cofinanced by Mestna občina Nova Gorica

𝟮𝗻𝗱 POPRI EUSAIR Youth competition in Tirana

Another year is around and the 𝟮𝗻𝗱 𝗲𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗘𝗨𝗦𝗔𝗜𝗥 𝗣𝗢𝗣𝗥𝗜 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗵 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗲𝘁𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 that was held in Tirana, Albania has concluded. Through the year we met so many talents with fresh ideas and disruptive solutions, but only a selection of the best among them managed to present their business ideas in Tirana (Albania) at the final event – the pitch competition in front of international jury. 𝗧𝗵𝗲𝘀𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗻𝗴 𝗽𝗲𝗼𝗽𝗹𝗲 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝗯𝗲𝗲𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗴𝗵 𝗮𝗻 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘀𝗲 𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗰𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗯𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴, trying to find innovative solutions for real problems of people and society, discovering the market potential, developing business model, team building, communication, negotiation, project and financial planning, risk management and so on. 𝗣𝗢𝗣𝗥𝗜 𝗶𝘀 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗷𝘂𝘀𝘁 𝗮 𝗯𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗺𝗼𝗱𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗲𝘁𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻, 𝗶𝘁 𝗶𝘀 𝗮𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗺𝘂𝗰𝗵 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲: - it is about developing entrepreneurial mind-set, innovation and creativity,- it is about the opportunity to learn, develop and grow,- it is about making international social network that we all need.Primorski technology park, as a main organizer of EUSAIR POPRI Youth, as well our partners from all Adriatic-Ionian region countries, that are mainly represented by technology parks, incubators, development agencies and schools, were offering to young participants knowledge, mentorship, motivation and connections. Through months of working with young people we have seen their progress, enthusiasm, and the willingness to develop new products and services to make the world a better place to live in. We are very satisfied, because we have seen young people learn, change and develop. And, we are very proud of them, because they care about the environment, society and the fellow human beings.

Our activites are cofinanced by Mestna občina Nova Gorica

Winners of the Slovene National Competition 2022

At the final of the national competition for entrepreneurial ideas of young people POPRI, organized by the Primorska Technology Park, 35 teams or 98 out of a total of 322 participants competed in Nova Gorica on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. The Jury decided who was the most convincing pitcher - presenting their entrepreneurial project in a startup way in five minutes. Teams competed for the top three spots in the categories of elementary school students, high school students and young people up to 29 years old. Winning brings financial, as well as other prizes provided by the co-organizers - Spirit Slovenia,  public agency, the Slovenian Enterprise Fund and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia. The results were announced at the gala closing event, which was facilitated by the Municipality of Nova Gorica and the Municipality of Šempeter Vrtojba. In the final round, a special guest, a well known entrepreneur Ivo Boscarol, provided a special prize for the most inspiring business model


The school year was marked by Covid, but this did not prevent the young talents from dedicating themselves to developing their innovative ideas in an enterprising way. One hundred and twenty-two teams (342 participants) from all over Slovenia came up with sound business models with the support of 85 mentors in 66 educational institutions. The best 98 teams made it through the regional pre-selections organized, not only by the Primorska Technology Park (covering western Slovenia and Slovenian students living abroad), but also by the Ljubljana Technology Park for central Slovenia, the SAŠA incubator for northeastern Slovenia, and the Novo mesto Development Center for the southeastern part of the country.

During the last phase of the national competition, that took place in Nova Gorica, the finalists presented their work to the jury , which is composed of the following members:


Ana MrzlikarSPIRIT Slovenija, public agency
Marjan BatageljPostojnska jama d.d.
Elvis JanežičInstrumentation Technologies d.o.o.
Luka MaliMakerLab Ljubaljana

Mateja GrobelnikSlovenian Enterprise Fund
Matej PeršoljaProtectus Technologies, Inc.
Nina DremeljBusiness angels Slovenia
Manca ŠaleharWolt d.o.o. Slovenija

mag. Jana BetonMinistry for Economic development and technology
Nika Kristina ButinaEpidemic d.o.o.
Mateja LavričKolektor Ventures d.o.o.
Rado DaradanHooray Studios d.o.o.


Members of the jury selected the three best teams in each category. The third-place winners received EUR 700 each, the second-place winner EUR 1,300, and the winners EUR 2,000 each from the prize fund provided by the competition's co-organizers: the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Spirit Slovenia, the Public Agency, and the Slovenian Fund for Entrepreneurship. The competition was also supported by the Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Slovenians Abroad, as students from Trieste and Gorizia also participated. Popri also opens the door to the world, as the first placed students will also participate in the international POPRI EUSAIR Youth in May 2022 in Albania, and the first three teams of students will also participate in the Genius Olympiad in New York. In addition to the financial prize, the winning elementary school team will also receive a video production course offered by RTV Slovenia.

The POPRI competition proved again that even difficult school conditions cannot stop young people from shaping their future with innovative ideas and optimism - and gaining adult support in the process.





TEAM MEMBERS:    Lovro Zajc             Pino Lukežič       Naja Decevec     Blažka Petohleb

MENTOR: Uroš Turk in Dolores Keš

SCHOOL:  OŠ Miroslava Vilharja Postojna

Regiional partner: Primorski tehnološki park

Business model description: E-FAIRYTALES is a global website where families from all over the world can find new, original fairy tales that we write, draw, dub and animate for children ourselves. Fairy tales can be browsed and read by families, listened to dubbed and watched animated like cartoons.


TEAM:  Route Security

TEAM MEMBERS:     David Nograšek  Maj Novak          Max Mirtič          Srečko Matjaž Berginc   Karla Zobarič

MENTOR:   Lea Burger, Petra Nograšek

SCHOOL: OŠ Grm Novo mesto

Regiional partner: Razvojni center Novo mesto

Business model description Our product Route Security is intended for all those who transport bicycles or other cargo on the roof of a car. With our product we prevent unusual accidents - when you drive your car with a load on the roof under a canopy that is too low or into a garage, causing serious damage to the bike or the load it is carrying.


TEAM Seed Loop

TEAM MEMBERS:    Kristjan Šturm        Aljaž škvarča        Lin Čadež

MENTOR: Tina Lisac


Regional partner: Primorski tehnološki park

Business model description

We present a project in the field of urban gardening. We have developed an intelligent heat bed called Seed Loop, which allows less experienced gardeners to garden without much effort. The beam mimics a closed ecosystem, which means that all processes are automated.



TEAM: Passionis, naravna sadna šminka

TEAM MEMBERS:   Ema Novak            Brina Goleš         Naja Kambič       Sara Absec

MENTOR: Mateja Nemanič

SCHOOL: Ekonomska šola Novo mesto, Srednja šola in gimnazija

Regional partner: Razvojni center Novo mesto

Business model description:Passionis is a natural fruit lipstick made from real freeze-dried fruits. During the freeze-drying process, the water is removed from the fruits so that all the vitamins and minerals are preserved and enter the body through the lips. The lipstick is a great solution for those who are aware that it is not only important what they put in themselves, but also themselves.


TEAM: Nighttime Secret

TEAM MEMBERS:   Zoja Popovič         Lea Lazar            Deja Pečar          Gaja Bijelić          Maša Šemrl

MENTOR: Tanja Skok

SCHOOL: Srednja ekonomsko - poslovna šola Koper

Regional partner: Primorski tehnološki park

Business model description: Nighttime secret is a small and portable intimate fragrance for sexually active women. The organic bottle is filled with a natural filler, making it suitable for women with allergies and sensitive skin. The company's goal is to help women solve their sex life problem.



TEAM MEMBERS:    Lara Širovnik        Petra Ouček       Luna Kočar         Lena Kočar         Lia Bauer

MENTOR: Nina Žuman, Mateja Godec

SCHOOL: Gimnazija Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer

Regional partner: Razvojni center Novo mesto

Business model description: Our idea is called pumpkin. It is a natural night face cream that contains pumpkin oil. Pumpkin seed oil benefits the skin in several ways. If you struggle with acne, dry skin or other types of blemishes, be sure to include it in your skin care routine.



TEAM: Zvočna zakladnica Mesečina

TEAM MEMBERS: Janez Goršin, Martin Božič, Filip Plešnik, Jakob Čuk

MENTOR: Milan Lazarević iz Tehnološkega parka Ljubljana

FACULTY: Fakulteta za strojništvo (UL FS)

Regijski partner: Tehnološki park Ljubljana

BUSINESS MODEL DESCRIPTION: An online platform that provides access to the largest database of sound recordings, fairy tales and other children's literature. It is designed to be interactive, so that listeners to the content can also contribute and help expand the amount of stories read.

TEAM MEMBERS: Matevž Cimermančič
MENTOR: Marko Vukobrat, Simon Jeraj from the development center Novo mesto
SCHOOL: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (UL FS)
Regional partner: Novo mesto development center
Description of the idea: rEboard is a portable multifunctional write-erase board. Its peculiarity is that it is made from discarded television and computer screens.

TEAM MEMBERS: Evelin Redjeposka, Tjaša Drobnič
SCHOOL: Faculty of Economics (UL EF)
Regional partner: Technology Park Ljubljana
Idea description: GreenMeal is a sustainable company that allows customers to buy ready-made, weighed and cut, and organically packaged ingredients for meal preparation. The company also adds appropriate recipes to the product for customers.


In addition to 2022, Ivo Boscarol also participated in a round table where he shared his entrepreneurial experience with young entrepreneur Rebeka Udvanc from Beesmetic, who won POPRI years ago as a student, and Niao Krstina Butina, founder of the startup Epidemic. Boscarol surprised at the award ceremony with additional prize of € 3,000 for the entrepreneurial idea that inspired him the most. These were the winners in the category of elementary school students from Postojna, who presented the business model E Fairytales.

POPRI 2022: Who are the finalists of the Slovene National Competition

On March 8, 2022, two hundred and sixty-nine young people competed with their business models for a place in the final round of the national competition for entrepreneurial ideas POPRI, organized by Primorski tehnološki park. The regional pre-selections were held simultaneously in four locations in Slovenia - Nova Gorica, Ljubljana, Velenje and Novo mesto. Experienced entrepreneurs as members of the regional juries decided which teams presented their ideas most convincingly. With this regional competition, the 3 best teams from each local region and each individual category (36 in total) will be selected and qualify for the national competition organized by Primorski tehnološki park on April 5, 2022 in Nova Gorica. The national competition will serve as a springboard for the best teams to participate in the EUSAIR POPRI youth competition in Tirana, May 16-17, 2022.

The course of the competition

This year's competition was live again after two digital performances. Despite the difficult situation in education due to the Corona virus, no less than 342 young people applied for it. The contest participants developed their ideas with the support of 85 mentors in 66 educational institutions (elementary schools, High-schools and Universitites). From the proposals received, the members of the jury selected the best from each category, who qualified for the regional pre-selections and presented their products orally in the form of a 5-minute pitch - a short and inspiring startup presentation.

Depending on the location of the applicants, the evaluation of the entrepreneurial ideas was carried out by the regional partners of the competition, namely:

- Primorski tehnološki park, Nova Gorica, (Goriška, Obalno - Kraška, Primorsko - Notranjska)
- Novo mesto Development Center (SE Slovenia and Posavje region)
- Ljubljana Technology Park (Central Slovenia, Gorenjska, Zasavje)
- SAŠA Incubator (Koroška, Savinjska, Podravje and Prekmurje)

The national POPRI competition is organized by Priimorski tehnološki park in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, SPIRIT Slovenia, a public agency, and the Slovenian Enterprise Fund. The final round is also co-organized by the Municipality of Nova Gorica and the Municipality of Šempeter-Vrtojba.

Who are the finalists that will compete on Slovenian national event?

Finalists from the Primorski tehnološki park, which includes the regions of Goriška, Obalno - kraška and Notranjsko-kraška


APIFEEDRok Cigoj, David KoširOŠ DobravljeAndreja Vister,  Tanja Krapež - Regijska razvojna agencija ROD Ajdovščina
E-FAIRYTALESLovro Zajc, Pino Lukežič, Naja Debevec, Blažka PetohlebOŠ Miroslava Vilharja PostojnaUroš Turk, Šolski center Postojna
SEED LOOPKristjan Šturm, Aljaž Škvarča, Lin ČadežOŠ CerknoTina Lisac,  Idrijsko-Cerkljanska razvojna agencija


E-košaraMojca Lipušček, Taja Ipavec, Naja Repovš, Nika PoberajGimnazija Nova GoricaInes Vižin
Nighttime SecretZoja Popovič, Lea Lazar, Deja Pečar, Gaja Bijelić, Maša ŠemrlSrednja ekonomsko - poslovna šola KoperTanja Skok
ŠpatesteMatevž PodbersičŠolski center Nova Gorica, Biotehniška šolaGreta Černilogar


Didactic table game: In the gardenSaša ZvonarPedagoška fakulteta Koper (UP PEF)Luka Srbič UP PEF

Finalists from Ljubljana Technology Park - Regional Partners for Central Slovenia, Gorenjska and Zasavje


Fingerboarding namesto gaming / slovenske ročno izdelane lesene mini rolkiceSaša GrbićOŠ ŠkofljicaAnita Grbić, mami
Foody - petŽan Filip Grad, Jalen Jožef Mermal, Anaja Grudnik,  Zoja OvsecOŠ DragomeljMaja Kavčič
Piškotna žličkaIrena Tišler, Anja BožičnikOŠ Frana Albrehta KamnikMarcel Lah, Nika Škrjanec


Amphora - pametni obesek za hidracijoSara Mitrović Maruša Komat, Dina Šakanović, Jure RadaljGimnazija MosteNina Vidic, Špela Bogolin
S&PNike Kozamernik, Tine LisecGimnazija Franceta PrešernaNatalija Majes
SmallFoxPino Pavlin, Erik GrudenElektrotehniško-računalniška strokovna šola in gimnazija LjubljanaAleksandar Lazarević


CarabinoxAndraž FlisEkonomska fakulteta (UL EF) 
Video igra ArxeusVid Šimenc, Luka Vehovec, Aleksandra Bjelovuk, Martin Bošnjak, Alen LebanSe ne izobražujemTaja Nograšek, Kovačnica
Zvočna zakladnica MesečinaJanez Goršin Filip Plešnik Jakob Čuk Martin BožičFakulteta za strojništvo (UL FS)Milan Lazarević
GreenMealEvelin Redjeposka Tjaša DrobničEkonomska fakulteta (UL EF) 
KAKO POSTATI POLIGLOTPia DžakulinFilozofska fakulteta 

Finalists of Saša Incubator - regional partner for the regions of Carinthia, Posavje, Podravje and Prekmurje


Ptujski lük pripravljen za kuhanjeIza Visenjak, Julija Ciglarič, Teja Hebar, Tjan Alič Voršič, Gal BezjakOŠ GorišnicaFlorijan Cajzek, David Visenjak. Perutnina Ptuj
SLADKOTIVITY - z igro do znanjaPavel Šimonka, Jakob AnderličOŠ Janeza Kuharja RazkrižjeAnita Danč Ismajlovič, Mitja Utroša


Hapticool - haptična VR izkušnjaTim Andrejc, Aneja PirnatŠolski center Velenje, Elektro in računalniška šolaIslam Mušić
Spektrometer PaxiaDomen TronteljI. gimnazija v Celju 
TIKVALara Širovnik, Petra Ouček Luna Kočar, Lena Kočar, Lia BauerGimnazija Franca Miklošiča LjutomerNina Žuman, Mateja Godec

GiGi- Čili oljeGregor Dražnik/Sonja Vratarič, Razvojni Center Murska Sobota
Odbeet namazEnis Bećarević ,Marko Oljača Tilen TićevićŠolski center Velenje, Višja strokovna šola 

Finalists of Novo mesto Development Center – regional partner for SE Slovenia and Posavje region


BottMixLovro Boltez, Nuša Mrak, Tinkara Medle, Živa NoseOŠ BrusniceZdenka Škrbec
IgračkoAgnes Globevnik, Katja Čolič Aš, Vid KraljičOŠ ŠmarjetaManca Seničar
Route SecurityDavid Nograšek, Maj Novak, Max Mirtič, Srečko Matjaž Berginc, Karla ZobaričOŠ Grm Novo mestoLea Burger, Petra Nograšek

Cvetoči travnikStefanija Meglič, Vanessa Gole, Ana Urbančič Novak, Hana KompareŠolski center Novo mesto, Srednja gradbena, lesarska in vzgojiteljska šolaAnja Jakše, RCNM
MASAŽNO OLJE USUrša Duhanič, Saša RantahGrm Novo mesto - center biotehnike in turizma, Kmetijska šola Grm in biotehniška gimnazijaMitja Turk, Janez Gorenc
Passionis, naravna sadna šminkaEma Novak, Brina Goleš Naja Kambič Sara AbsecEkonomska šola Novo mesto, Srednja šola in gimnazijaMateja Nemanič


rEboard - Didaktični pripomoček iz zavrženih TV monitorjevMatevž CimermančičFakulteta za strojništvo (UL FS)Marko Vukobrat, Simon Jeraj  - RCNM
GlobalBirdKaja Metež, Špela HribarUniverza v Novem mestu Fakulteta za ekonomijo in informatiko.Malči Grivec, Univerza v Novem mestu, FEI
HAMY-NJAMIManja Šturbej, Maja HorvatičGrm Novo mesto - center biotehnike in turizma, Višja strokovna šolaAngelca Hrovat Ana Marjanović, GRM Novo mesto

POPRI international EUSAIR Youth 2022 DATES TO REMEMBER

After the successful 1st edition of Popri international EUSAIR Youth, the Youth Business Model Competition is organized again within the framework of the Albanian EUSAIR Presidency. Here are the main steps to register your team for the competition.

After the selection of national teams in your country, business ideas shall be sent to Primorski tehnološki park via e-platform (via technology parks/incubators of EUSAIR countries). The application is open from 20th April till 5th May 2022. By 5th May 2022 ppt-s and other requested documents shall be sent as well.

The information about passing the eligibility criteria will be delivered a day after the submission of the application form and business plan (6th May 2022).

An International jury will review written applications in advance, prior to the competition. Business models will be sent to the members of the jury (6th May 2021).

Members of the jury will evaluate (partly) written business models by 12th May 2022 (templates with other information available for the jury on GoogleDrive) On the 1st day of the event (16th May 2022) national teams will present their business ideas in front of the jury (5 minutes pitch + 5 minutes for questions and answers). Members of the jury complete the evaluation procedure.

Best business ideas of each of 2 categories will be selected by international jury (taking into account written and verbal presentation in English).

On the 2nd day of the event (17th May 2022) there will be a gathering with a well-known entrepreneur; award ceremony will take place during the political session of the EUSAIR FORUM

"Don’t be afraid to fall because you will rise stronger"

Do you still remember the international POPRI competition, EUSAIR POPRI Youth, that took place in May 2021

and moderator Sašo Papp? No? Click HERE to refresh your memory 😊

Sašo Papp, moderator at events EUSAIR POPRI Youth 2021, businessman and a journalist, has written an interesting article for all of us... enjoy reading!

Do you realize how few entrepreneurs and businesses have succeeded without setbacks? I would bet that there are no people and businesses that do not have or have not had setbacks to learn from. And yet, I feel like we do not talk about it enough. Probably because such a debate is not too "fancy". But you know what we always say everywhere, right? That you should learn from mistakes. Without them, there is no development.

"It's the journey that matters, not the destination," to paraphrase the thinking of many smarter, more experienced, and much more successful people than me. Gary Vaynerchuck, among others, talks about this often, saying that he enjoys the challenges of the journey every day. And that's a mindset. It's not easy to get into such thinking, but I believe that such a "mindset" is one of the extremely important points for success.

Having two young daughters (ages 6 and 3) at home, I cannot help but compare the downturn in the economy to how a child learns to walk. Not by being held by the arms and leaning on us, as we see parents and even more often grandparents of toddlers do, but by clinging to the things around them and searching for balance. In doing so, of course, it is necessary to fall many times. Each fall is recorded by the toddler in his little brain and from this mass of falls and large amounts of data, he then tries to find a better solution. The parent's job, of course, is to provide a safe environment for the child to fall often and gain experience. Here I see a parallel with supportive startup environments like Primorski tehnološki park, which takes care of you, a safe environment, encourages you, provides support and knowledge.

Let us stick with the infant analogy for a moment. There are at least two things that most parents have gotten wrong in recent years. They are far too protective, caring far too much for their toddlers, and another problem is the use of modern technology (television instead of nature walks). The result is that we have a lot of pre-schoolers who do not know how to run, how to make a pass, and are practically motor disabled, which is not a good way to live by any means.

Even in entrepreneurship, on the one hand, we can be too cautious, for example, we do not dare to test a new idea, or we rely too much on technology and do not understand that we can reach customers in many "analog" ways and not only through social networks. But as many entrepreneurs become more anti-social and communicate digitally, it's just much easier and more convenient for us to communicate digitally instead of going to a live event and getting a chance to present our product or idea, make new contacts and get potential new customers. You have probably read somewhere before that it's not what we know, but who we know that matters. So, expanding your circle of acquaintances can only be a good journey and a darn good investment of time. And live dating still far outweighs digital opportunities to do so.

And here I cannot help but think of the comfort zone. You must know that most of the time we humans are our own greatest adversary. Our brains are made to protect us from acting as our protector. That voice inside us that keeps telling us that it's better if we do not do something, do not do it, rather stay on the couch, etc. You know why? Because if you do not go hunting, nothing bad can happen to you. You cannot take a bad fall and get hurt; you cannot get eaten by a wild beast...

Our brains have thought so limited for millennia. And then you do not go hunting until you are really hungry, right? Then the survival instinct kicks in and then we can move mountains, catch mammoths and have unlimited energy and focus. Well, until we run out of energy from hunger. To prevent this from happening to us on our entrepreneurial journey, it's extremely important to artificially build a true "state of mind". Alone. To purposefully change what we say to ourselves. To overcome the protective thinking of the inner voice or our brain.

It's important to step out of your comfort zone, kick yourself in the butt every day, multiple times if necessary, and be 100% willing to fall. To failure, to rejection, to the fact that the next phone call or email will bring you rejection, which is always hard to accept. But if you practise, you'll know up front that one or 64 rejections does not equal failure. It may not take away your desire to win. But you may be just one call or contact away from success.

And remember. Growth only happens when the instances we learn from are also present. So look in the mirror every morning and say to yourself, "No problem if I fall today. I am not afraid because I know that without falls there is no progress, no success".