POPRI award for winning teams

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive event that serves as a reward for the winning teams! Introducing: FOOD-athon in Ljubljana, Slovenija 16-18 October, 2024!

FOOD-athon is a hackathon focused on the challenge of sustainable food supply for a more efficient use of energy and a greener future. We firmly believe that the greenest energy is the energy we do not use, and together with you, we aim to develop innovative solutions that will benefit our planet and future generations.

This exciting event is being held in collaboration with Danfoss Slovenia, supported by SPIRIT Slovenia and the EUSAIR Facility Point, and within the framework of the Interreg IPA ADRION project.

FOOD-athon will provide an opportunity for the winning teams in the high school and university student categories at the POPRI EUSAIR Youth competition to join forces with peers and experienced experts in the field of sustainable food supply.

Join us at FOOD-athon and be part of the solution for a greener future!

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