5 tips on how to present an entrepreneurial idea

1. Make a prototype as soon as possible
A prototype or minimally acceptable product is the best way to present your idea. If you are preparing a product, print it using a 3D printer or make it from simple materials (cardboard, styrofoam, plastic, DAS mass). If you have an idea for a new app or website, you can try free apps that allow you to create a simple website (e.g. Ucraft) or display an app (e.g. InVision).

2. The description should be short and concise
Often we can’t present an idea live, but we have to write it down. Because we don't know who will read our text, we follow the rules - short and concise and so simple that our grandmother can understand us. The best visual display, which is only on page 1, is certainly the business model canvas.  – povezava na business model canvas

3. A picture says more than 1000 words!
Even if we need to present the idea in writing, add photos to it. Virtually all of us have or know someone who has a smartphone that hides a camera. Knowledge of quality photography is one click away (hint: type "How to make a good photo v" on Youtube).

4. A moving image tells more than 1000 images!
Not only the camera, but also the camera hidden in the smartphones is great. We try to present our idea in a 1 minute video pitch - don't forget to: (1) describe the problem you are solving, (2) describe the solution you are developing, (3) help the viewer understand the market you are entering, (4) competition , (5) what are your results or what have you done so far and of course (6) what do you need or what is the purpose of your presentation.

5. Do not hide our ideas
If you have a prototype, a described idea, photos and a video of the product, it’s time to present it all to the world. Are you afraid they will steal your idea? The charm of entrepreneurship is not in the idea, but in the realization. Let's see what the famous American entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck says about it: https://youtu.be/39VBXgUvA7c or the popular vlogger Casei Neistat: https://youtu.be/FAFRwu2jTo4

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