Can I develop my idea in 1 month?

Is it possible that in 1 month, you find the right idea, make a prototype, test it and consider all the components of a business model?

Maybe. We don't really have the right answer. Some need 3 days (52 hours) for this, while others develop a new product for several months. However, we offer you 5 ways to ensure that you find an idea in one month and get the first feedback for it through the eyes of the POPRI competition jury!

We are sure that in the past you have thought about how you could shorten the queues, find a parking space faster, save more money on travel - faster, cheaper and better… The winning idea may lie in the problem you notice in your surroundings. Find a problem or idea that is written on a crumpled piece of paper or in the corner of your planner, make a prototype or minimum acceptable product (SME) as soon as possible and pass it on to customers.

Use the idea you discussed as part of your school obligations. You can rework the idea, upgrade it, and above all, don't forget to include the key components of the business model, which can be found in the competition proposal and the prototype.

Ideas on how to present an entrepreneurial idea in an interesting way can be found here.

The global idea is difficult to succeed on a small scale because the big global players are unfamiliar with local habits and trends. It may not even be worthwhile for them to enter smaller markets. This can be our opportunity - find a business model or idea that works abroad and adapt it to our environment.

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