Jamila Milovic Halilovic - official presenter of the final of POPRI International EUSAIR Youth

We are thrilled to announce that the talented and accomplished Jamila Milovic Halilovic has been selected as the official presenter for the final of the Popri International EUSAIR Youth Competition in Sarajevo!

Save the date: [24-25 May, 2023]
Location: [Hotel Europe, Sarajevo]

About Jamila Milovic Halilovic

Jamila Milovic Halilovic is an exceptional personality with an incredible knack for engaging audiences and creating meaningful conversations. With her charismatic presence and insightful perspectives, she is the perfect choice to guide us through this great event.

Hamila has over 20 years of experience in media, strategic communications and public relations. A unique combination of working directly in the media, private sector, international organisations and corporate environments. She has designed, conceived and implemented dozens of communications strategies, plans and projects. She has branded and created various communications products and content.

Jamila has participated as a facilitator in numerous regional and international conferences, as well as a lecturer and workshop leader. She believes in the power of communication and is always looking for new ways to convey the most concrete, concise and constructive messages.

About the Final

The Popri International EUSAIR Youth Competition is a platform for young talent from across Europe to showcase their skills, creativity and innovation. Ahead of the exciting finals, Jamila will play an important role in ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for participants and spectators alike.
Stay tuned and mark your calendars for days filled with talent, inspiration and unforgettable memories. Spread the word and let us celebrate the power of youth and their limitless potential together!

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