Popri International EUSAIR Youth: Awards

Winning team

University Students and High School Students Category

2 week virtual course on business modelling provided by M Accelerator in LA – the third largest and fastest growing tech ecosystem in the US.

The M Accelerator team

About M Accelerator

M Accelerator is a practical approach to startup business development in Los Angeles and online with an emphasis on business design and go-to-market. Our coaches have more than 30 years of experience in business consulting and started working on digital marketing when Google was under Stanford’s web domain!

The award will be assigned to all members of the winning teams.

You will get the opportunity to upgrade entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Primorski tehnološki park and M Accelerator from Los Angeles, USA, will enable young participants to participate at a 2 week virtual course on business modelling; students will be challenged to solve a specific issue together with other startup teams from the whole world.

The award is provided by M Accelerator and Primorski tehnološki park

Second and third ranked team

University Students and High School Students Category

Attendance of the PODIM  Startup conference – One of Europe’s best tech and satrtup events. Podim will be held from 17th to 19th of May, online and in Maribor, Slovenia.

Get in touch with starrtups, investors at PODIM

About Podim Conference

Podim is creating real value by bringing together and connecting renowned international investors, established corporations, and startups & scaleups from the Alps-Adriatic and Western Balkans regions. To provide maximum quality of learning and networking, we made a strategic decision not to accept more than 1,000 participants. Therefore, Podim is just the right size event to offer you easy access to personally meet top-notch speakers and get valuable time with investors, business executives, and other participants. Podim is the gateway to and from the region for efficient networking, making deals, and sharing experiences.

The European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica – Gorizia has offered a special prize for the most creative and borderless idea.

Borderless is innovation itself. Being borderless means opening a new perspective, finding new forms, new points of connection, creative ways to overcome distances and differences. We will award the prize to the proposal that has the greatest potential to cross borders between sectors, fields, social and cultural groups.

The prize
The winning team will receive GO! Borderless Gadgets and the opportunity to work on the X-mobile project, a mobile arts thinking platform that is part of the European Capital of Culture cultural and artistic program. The prize includes three borderless days in Nova Gorica and Gorizia.

Last, but not least

Of course, the process itslef is the goal. You will learn incredible things and get to know people that can help you on your entrepreneurial career. So, do not hesitate. Start developing your business model idea today and create your future!

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